Services & Supports

Services & Supports of NISU to help student success. 


Each community is unique, food services

K'omoks Valley campus is serviced by Custom Gourmet

Campbell River campus is served by an on campus cafeteria, operated by the Culinary Arts department, open 8 - 1 Monday - Friday

Port Alberni currently doesn't have on campus food services

Mixalakwila currently doesn't have on campus food services

Mobile Phone


Download your Union app to any smart device to access live links to online events, connect to the campus wall, post & find used text books, look for ride shares and more.

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A discount program designed to help students save money on services and at restaurants, retail shops, fitness studios and even travel companies across BC.


Community Food Banks

  • Each community is served by a local food bank

  • Accessing these services is a great resource to help your food budget last the month

  • NISU donates $50 per month to the food banks in each community, recognising our members are accessing these important services  

Canned Food