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Congratulations on choosing a college that has a Students’ Union! Think of North Island Students’ Union (NISU) as a group of friends here to support you though your studies.

Your Students' Union & You

Your Students' Union & You

NISU has three main areas of focus and they are:

Providing Resources and

Saving You Money

Campaigns, Safe Space

& Mediation

Student Connections Both In Person and Online



NISU offers services that encourage student success & save money.

All students at North Island College are members of North Island Students' Union (NISU), who are part of a provincial organisation, the British Columbia Federation of Students (BCFS).

Being part of the Federation offers NISU the chance to pool our resources & energy with other student groups from across BC, allowing access to great services like the extended health & dental plan, student dayplanner & handbook, The Deals App and so much more. 

To learn more about the BCFS visit



ALL NISU offices are safe spaces should you need refuge from any kind of abuse or discrimination. 

To achieve the goals of affordable, quality education for all, NISU works with the BCFS to run campaigns aimed at getting student voices heard by provincial and federal leaders. Current campaigns include; Fund it, Fix it, Period Promise, Fairness for International StudentsOpen Textbooks Now!, Trades Training, Unlearn: Equity and more. 


Student advocacy is available to help students should they have conflict within the organisation of North Island College or feel they are being treated unfairly.

Navigating student life can be challenging, NISU staff are on hand to help students understand what is expected of them and can also help students advocate for fairness if those expectations are unreasonable, unfair or discriminatory.

Learn about Rights & Responsibilities of being a student at NIC:

NIC Rights & Responsibilities

Learn Anywhere

Learn more

Contact the Student Advocates



Enrich classroom learning by engaging with the college and broader communities. 

We love to plan events and activities to help you enjoy student life and connect with your community, wherever you are. 

From yoga and movie nights, we can help you find great ways to relax and have a laugh with other people from the college community.

The best tool to know about upcoming events is the NISU App, 

Get the NISU App!

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

E Collett Equity 1.JPG
Errington Collett,
Accessibility & Equity Director
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J Fox Community.JPG
Joel Fox,
Community Director 
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Gracious Communications.JPG
Gracious Rumbidzai Karumbidza,
Communications Director
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M Herandez Fed Rep.JPG
Michel Hernandez Granados,
Federation & Governance Relations Director
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J Tonny Internal.JPG
Jestin Tonny,  he/him
Internal Relations Director
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S Kaur Services.JPG
Sukhpreet Kaur,
Services Director
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Student Union Design

Student Union Design

North Island Students’ Union offers services and supports for students, by students.

North Island College has four campuses & a learning centre on Vancouver Island, and each is unique. Each Winter, NISU hosts general elections for Union Representatives. Up to 25 students can become Union Reps, by nominating themselves and collecting support from either 5 fellow students for digital learners, or 10 fellow students for on campus learners. 

Any student who is a union member, (all NIC students) can run as a Union Representative, if they feel the call to do so. The term for Union Reps is April 1 - April 30 the following year. 

If more than 25 students come forward, an election process unfolds, with a campaign period and voting days. If less than 25 students come forward, those students become Union Reps, by acclamation, meaning they take their seats without a voting process. 

Once elected, a Union Representative’s role is to engage with students through in person events, social media and online events with an aim to fostering connection and community among NIC students.

From the up to 25 Union Reps, up to 6 students are further elected to the Board of Directors, at the Annual General Meeting, held in April each year. 

The Board of Directors are the governing body of North Island Students' Union, responsible for leadership and setting direction for the term. 

The Board of Directors are expected to spend a minimum of 4 hours a month on Students' Union business, with Committee of the Whole & Board of Directors meetings. They are further able to spend up to 20 hours a month supporting the work of the Union. These positions are compensated, in recognition of energy required. 

Attending the Committee of the Whole meeting sees $35, for all Union Representatives. Board of Directors who participate in the monthly meeting see $65 and the up to 20 hours of service is at $21/hr. The Students' Union endeavours to be a Living Wage employer. 

Union Representatives are encouraged to fill portfolio positions to provide input from groups of people who have traditionally been under represented or who hold unique knowledge. Women Students', Indigenous Students' and Students’ Accessibility representatives are positions available for Union Reps to self nominate for. Further, each campus can have two Union Reps to offer insight to their campus, be the campus liaisons, helping with office and clerical tasks, events and more. These portfolio positions are entitled to $50 per month of service. 

Students’ unions are an amazing way to learn about governance and gain valuable experience from a variety of areas including leadership, policy, budgets, committees, active communication, management and so much more. It is an honour to be elected and be the voice for your fellow students as Union Representatives. 

Student engagement strengthens the Students' Union work and that returns full circle to empower students. Unions are a way for us to actively partake in democracy and support our fellow students as well as working towards a bright future where all people are treated equally and have access to quality, affordable education.

Constitution & Bylaws


CoW Meetings


North Island Students' Union meets twice a month during the academic year, all students are welcome to attend, in varying capacities.

Meetings are Tuesdays at 5 pm via BlueJeans.


Once per month, all elected members of NISU, Union Representatives, meet. These meetings are less formal than the Board of Directors meetings and are often the place for education opportunities, guest speakers and to learn about upcoming events of the Union.

All students are welcome and can participate. 

The live BlueJeans link for the Tuesday, 5 pm meetings is in the NISU App, or email to access

Upcoming Committee of the Whole meetings:

January 17, 2023

February 14, 2023

March 14, 2023

April 11, 2023

Previous Board Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors Meetings

All students are welcome to attend Board of Director meetings, as observers.

Meetings are once per month, via BlueJeans, Tuesdays at 5 pm.

The live link is in the NISU App, or email to access. 

Upcoming Board of Directors meetings:

January 31, 2023

February 28, 2023

March 28, 2023

April 25, 2023

General Meetings

General Meetings are held twice per year.

In April, at the Annual General Meeting, elections for the Board of Directors happen.

In November, at the Semi Annual General Meeting, the audited financial statements are presented and the auditors are appointed. 

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