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If you're looking to start a club or get involved in any of our NISU events this is the page you're looking for. 



Clubs are a way to join together with other students to share interests and hobbies and build a supportive and engaging college community. NISU will be there to support you in the development of your club and it is a great way connect with other students from a range of backgrounds and courses. There are five types of clubs which are: general interest, activist, religious/partisan, services and course union.


Check out the NISU App to check out our existing clubs. Don’t see one that suits you, you can make one! Interested? Read the Clubs Policy to learn more. 

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Student Yoga

Every Thursday, January 12 - April 6, 2023 Suzanne Jolly will lead student focused yoga.

Need a chance to stretch, relax and replenish?


Join us every week on BlueJeans, yoga for every body, everywhere. 


Create a bit of space, have glass of water and make time for yourself. 

Live link to the class is in the NISU campus app, or email

Here is a 10 minute class, from your desk, to stretch and destress.

You can make 10 minutes and the rewards will pay off!



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