Student Advocate

What is a Student Advocate? What do they do?

A significant aspect of NISU’s work is advocating on behalf of members who feel that their rights may have been violated during the course of their studies. If at any point you have questions or need advocacy with grade or other appeals, you can contact your students’ union by emailing

While at NIC you can reasonably expect that:

i. Students have a right to a healthy and safe environment, and to be free from physical, sexual or mental harassment, indignity, injury or violence

ii. You have a right to be informed of, prior to registration, the extent of college related expenses to be incurred during studies at the college.

iii. You have the right to refer to any documents contained in your student records. Additionally, you have the right to add documents to college student records, including written documentation refuting the contents of documents of a disparaging nature.

iv. You have the right to be provided with written course descriptions including means of student assessment and to be assured that these will not be substantially changed throughout the course of your semester

v. You have the right to be informed of methodologies, assignments to be handed in, penalties for delays, and the estimated waiting period for obtaining academic results at the beginning of the course.

vi. You have a right to attend class. If you cannot attend class for any reason, you can request the information that has been missed. You should not be penalized for missing any part of your class as long as you are fulfilling the attendance requirement of your course.

vii. All students have a right to freedom of opinion and expression in the classroom within the context of the course content.

viii. You have a right to proper and impartial evaluation of performance

ix. Students have the right to be provided with instructors who possess appropriate knowledge and teaching skills in relation to their course of instruction.

x. Students have the right to appropriate services and resources that support instruction and student learning.

Members on the Health & Dental Plan also have access to Legal Assistance Services.

All students should be aware of North Island College policies and your rights as students